Monday, 24 September 2012

Book Yer Ane Fest VI!!!

Ez Fuckers, Its not often C-Rave play gigs and weve never played north of Bannermans, however all that will change at the end of November when we head northwards to sunny Dundee for BOOK YER ANE FEST VI! A long running staple of the UK punk scene run by Make That A Take records comrade Deeker, we are honored to be asked up to play this DIY festival on 30th Nov! With legends such as Oi Polloi, The Murderburgers and Kaddish on the lineup this will be a cracking event! Get yourself signed up on the event page and represent in Dundee for the winter extravaganza! GRIMMEY!! Faceevent below: INFKTD



Ez Fuckers, SEND ME TO HELL! Preview of an unheard C-Rave track later this week on the riotstep soundcloud! Keep yer ears to the ground! INFKTD X


Friday, 21 September 2012

Rinse out the Hut!

Ez Fuckers!! This old egyptain's wah wah hut is gearing up for a bass punk explosion! We are playing @ King Tuts in Glasgow with the Mighty mighty Sonic Boom Six and The Hostiles!! Reclaim the hut and make your way down for a mental show, Tues November 6th, and if you want cheap tickets and a free CD with every order, you can hit us up for more info at fromthecradletotherave at googlmail dot com! See you at the hut! INFKTD X


Monday, 3 September 2012


Ez Fuckers, Im packing up the Raveyard studio and moving on to pastures new!! New sound new space, and being back in the city means more creativity! So lets get it started! Just finished a C-Rave remix for the Sonic Boom Six crew of a track of their forthcoming album which sounds huge! My remix dont do the original justice but had a wicked time making it! Keep an eye on for more news on their new album!! Weve got another little remix for the SB6 in the works from Capitol 1212 trust this one puts the roots rap and reggae into full swing for a summer bounce, who needs sun when you've got ragga punk and cider in the winter!! Aside from that C-Rave have been keeping their heads down over the past few months but I started recording vocals again last weekend so expect some new riotstep shit to drop in the coming months. Keep an ear out for a new unreleased C-Rave track on the forthcoming sampler from Pumpkin Records and check back for gig updates soon including a especially bass fuelled Glasgow show!! p[E]ace INFKTD


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