Monday, 27 September 2010

INFKTD Dot SK Komatose Remix

EZ Fuckers,

Click up here to listen to a refix rework remix of the INFKTD tune, Dot SK. As with the original this should be gettin a release on the ever booming Special Records GET IN SPECIAL!! Bigups Komatose for the remix man lovin it!! Spread the word punx!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Capitol 1212 - Invade Tha Carnival

Ez Fuckers,

Sound the alarm theres a new Capitol 1212 single droppin!!! Digital and limited seven inch vinyl the "Invade Tha Carnival" single features Tenor Fly on original track "Don Man Sound" with 3 rinsin remixes from 1212, J Star and J Bostron!! Serious ragga and hip hop heads wont be able to go without this track believe me... When it drops I'll be sure to let you know, you should be able to cop it on all the usual digital outlets and stores (including the riotgear store!) but for the background info i cant say it any better than our friends over at streetdef did... check it.


Anti Manifesto Collective!

Ez Fuckers,

In true communisto spirit C-rave are now proud to be part of the anti-manifesto family! Edinburgh music collectivists, regardless of genre, pulling together to spread a barrage of riddims, bass and guitar over anyone who dares stroll into earshot! Ive spent near on ten years making music alongside some of these guys since early days and tours in My Own Religion and respect and revere them all as bitchin musicians! Go check em out expand your horizons, taking chase, we modern cadets, the curators!

Anti manifesto has been a musical force in Edinburgh for years puttin on shows, in fact the next c-rave gig with BTMI is an AM show! The collective is now branching out into a label, so watch this space for forthcoming albums from all involved before the year is out!


C-Rave Gigs!

Ez Fuckers,

The C-Rave Despicable Few are back on the circuit again! Welcome Capitol 1212's fly-t to the mix for our next gig at Bannermans Edinburgh playin with Bomb The Music Industry and Taking Chase! This should be a sweatbox with plenty synth filth on top of yer gritty guitars so get yer junk down on the 12th Nov!!!

Asode from that the big one this year is the infamously legendary Punx Inna Jungle night run by our favourite Manc punx Anarchistic Undertones! Run in memory now of its founder and our friend Pingu who passed away last year this is going to be massive, with friends punx, ravers and bands alike all makin it to Jabezz Clegg on Dec 11th for this free entry mashup! Get down for Dead Subverts, The Something Somethings and many more! Fucking Yes!


Special Ed - Shatners Basoon!

Ez Fuckers,

Heads up on this one, main Special Records man Special Eds debut single is droppin this weekend! "Bassdrop" has been caned for years at Pangea and other clubnights alike always doin damage and is now finally gettin that all important release! Go check it out now at the special records soundcloud!


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