Sunday, 11 March 2012

Anti-Venom RSTEP003!!

Ez Fuckers,

So, as if you didnt know, Anti-Venom is a one man hardcore ska core crack rocker riot from Mexico! In fact though its much more than that, this shit cant be put into words, taking elements of hardcore punk, ska, dub, electro and epic epic guitar lines Razo has been rolling out classics non-stop for the past year since the debut LP ...As Soon As There Is Justice!! dropped on Riot Ska Records, including a little single he did called Vampires where C-Rave got to do a feature!! Anyways Razo has just released his latest EP, Planet Of The Apes, for free through Riot Ska Records, Unknown Records, Nacion Libre and... Riotstep!! So do us and your ears a favor, get on over to the AV bandcamp page and dl the EP, put it on your non-branded mp3 player, put those DIY headphones on and crank that shit... Then once youve collected your brain and skull fragments from the floor and have glued that shit back together, get online and spread the link far and wide!! Free quality music and art for the masses, fucking suave!

grab it HERE


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